What to Serve at a Dinner Theater

Florida dinner theaters

Dinner and a show go hand in hand, if one isn’t good enough, it will inevitably bring the other down. So, if you get the show working properly, then you need to pick out a good meal that matches the theme of the performance and helps make it memorable.

If the play is in 1950’s America, show off some of the foods that were around back then. If the play is a black-tie affair where both actors and guests are dressed up nice and fancy, then have some fancy foods available to keep the theme going. When you have a set of Florida dinner theaters that are set in an old school diner, then you don’t want to serve high class food because that would distract from the ambiance.

Once you have a set theme for your dining options, you need to have some variety as well as a serving system. People either need to order before the show or need to be able to get their food quietly while the show is going on, and your servers need to be trained to not detract from the performance on stage while they serve people.

So, the method of being served is just as important as the food itself, and you’ll need to think about that when the idea of food comes up. Maybe you have people come to you for refills or more food, and they either have to get up during the play or wait for the intermission. You could have the seats and tables set up so a person moving around wouldn’t bother anyone, or you could have the staff come out during intermission.

Whatever way to decide to pick or serve the food, understand that it can either add or subtract from the experience of the show and plan accordingly.