The Art of Making the Big Event Intimate

There’s a conundrum in the event business; spaces that can accommodate thousands of people are by definition big empty spaces which have no personality.  This is a problem for the event manager because it means they have to use a lot of imagination to pull together anything even slightly memorable.

The other side of the coin is that if you have a blank slate, you can pretty much turn it into anything you want and event production nyc are the experts in making a shell into pretty much whatever you want it to be.

Often where you start is with four walls which might be thousands of feet from each other and with no discernible features. The next thing you have is industrial lighting and probably an open roof so you will see all the beams and structure.

The first thing to go will be the industrial lighting. The light it casts will be impersonal and utilitarian. The events people will start by suggesting a lighting design which will be the first thing to set the mood.  Think of lighting a place in dramatic purples with spots of red, and how different it would be if instead, these were cool greens and blues. The lighting is going to help set the mood and the tone.

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After which you will need some sort of set; the focal point of the room where something is going to happen. This might be as simple as the top table or a dance floor, but it makes it obvious why you’re there.

Already with just those two aspects brought in your big empty space has become a little less cavernous and a little more intimate. The designer will probably add props and touches around the place to bring the theme home and there you have it.