Crappie Fishing Tips: Bring Home the Catch

White crappie and black crappie live in waters throughout North America. They’re one of the most popular fish species around today. If you are planning an exciting fishing trip with crappie on the agenda, make sure to put the tips below to use to ensure a fun and exciting day that also brings plenty of success.

Choose the Right Bait

Each fish species has a specific type of bait that works best for fishing. Small jigs are the best crappie bait that you can use. But don’t stop with simply using jigs. Choose the ⅛ oz. size for best results.

Use a Loop Knot

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When crappie fishing houston, use a loop knot if you are baiting with a jig. The loop knot allows the jig to move around freely, preventing tangling and a wide variety of additional would-be problems and mishaps.

Water Fishing Depth

Crappie are found in waters about three- six foot deep in most Houston areas. You’ll score the largest number of crappie when you plan the outing for the warm summer months, although the fish usually move to deeper waters when it’s hot.

Don’t Rush

Slow and steady does it when crappie fishing. Be sure that you take your time when crappie fishing. Rushing only causes you to make mistakes and other mishaps that interfere with the day.

Crappie fishing is rewarding and very exciting for fishermen of all ages and skill levels. Keep the above tips in mind to make sure you benefit to the fullest out of this day and come back home with the largest number of crappie in tow. Imagine the excitement after this day at the lake. Anyone can use these tips and should, so don’t be the only fisherman that’s out in the dark.